General Sales Terms and Conditions for private customers

The general Sales Terms and Conditions, regulating the relationship between customers and the supplier, that is Karner Wein Plus Srl company, make reference to the updated version of the above-mentioned conditions, or to a version, valid at the moment of conclusion of the contract.

1) Ordering methods

The online-shop's product representation does not constitute the binding offer, but serves as an online catalogue. After having examined the characteristics of a product and after having added the last to the cart, you will be asked to enter your data or, eventually, to correct misleading information. By clicking on the "cart" icon, you'll have the possibility to choose the desired quantity of a product. However, you will be able to eliminate products from the cart, at any moment. The actual order process will be launched after you click on the "submit" button. This process consists of several passes, within which you'll have to insert your personal data, to specify the method of payment and the destination address. Only after confirmation of each point of the written-above information, the purchase process can be held as concluded. By clicking on button "send the order", you'll activate your order. Next, you will receive a confirmation of receipt of the order, that won't represent yet its definitive acceptance. In fact, only after you receive an order confirmation email on behalf of Karner Wein Plus Srl, your order can be considered actually accepted and valid.
In case you want to cancel a sent order, you'll have the possibility to do it, however, you should give us timely notice (within 12 hours).

2) Customer profile

Creation of your customer profile is supposed to be the first and the only personal data entry. That means that the inserted data will be memorized, and you won't have to enter it again, except the password, for your future orders.
In order to protect your privacy, we will treat your personal data with much discretion. On your request, however, the registered data can be eliminated at any moment (see the INFORMATION PROVIDED IN ACCORDANCE WITH UE LEGISLATIVE DECREE No. 679/2016 ART.13 (GDPR UE)).
Control: as our customer, you have the possibility to hold control of the state of your current and past orders.

3) Product choice

Through our online-shop, you can choose and order products of the following types: wines, dessert wines, sparkling wines, wine rarities, a selection of grappas, oils and vinegars.

Wine rarities and older vintages: These are special treasures with limited available quantity. Our wines are professionally stored at constant temperature and optimal humidity. By international custom, the risk is on buyer's account.

If the products you have ordered are not or only partially available, we will inform you immediately. In this case, we reserve the right to make a partial delivery or to declare the contract null and void.

For transport reasons, bottles with a content of 2 liters or more will not be shipped. You are welcome to order them and pick up directly on our shop at Prad am Stilfserjoch.

4) Prices

All prices, indicated in our online-catalogue, are stated in Euro and inclusive of the Value Added Tax, as well as of the tax on sparkling wines and liquors. Shipping costs are not included (see the supplementary note). These last will always be calculated at the end of the order process.

5) Transportation document | Receipt

Article 1 (Paragraph 1) of the Ministerial Decree of December 1992, does not require the issuance of tax documents (receipts, invoices, and others) for mail orders. However, delivered products will be accompanied by a transportation document, containing all the information related to the order (order number, purchaser's personal data, a list of ordered items, quantity and value, total order price, as well as all the indications on shipping, methods of payment, etc.).
We kindly ask you to conserve the transportation document! It represents an important proof of purchase and the insurance for the events of thefts and complaints. All orders are saved in database of Karner Wein Plus Srl. In case of loss of your order, you will be able to require a copy via email, fax, or phone.

6) Delivery areas

The ordered products will be sent directly to your domicile, by courier or by post. We do not send ordered products to post-office boxes or general delivery departments.

We don't ship bottles with a volume more than 2 l. This size of bottles and bottles with more content you can collect directly on our store Wein Plus in Prato allo Stelvio, Via Pineta 74.

Currently, we serve our clients in Italy, Germany, Austria, and some other European countries. If a product has to be shipped to Switzerland, please see 7). We will contact you directly.
The delivery will be effectuated by post or by courier to your domicile or at any other address, indicated by you. By compiling the order form, the buyer permits Karner Wein Plus Srl to carry out deliveries / shipments by courier, on its behalf and in its own name. In order to speed up the shipping process, please, indicate your phone or cell phone number. If products, ordered by you, are not available or partially available, you will be informed in a timely manner. In these latter cases, we reserve the right to deliver only the available part of the order, or else to cancel the whole order.

Normally, ordered products are sent within a few working days since the receipt of the bank transfer. Nevertheless, we kindly ask you to be patient, if - due to an event of force majeure - you will have to experience a longer waiting time.

Despite accurate checks and security precautions, goods can be damaged during transport. The couriers we rely on, instead, dispose of insurances in conformity with law 286/05 for national transports, and of the CMR insurances for international transports. Any shortage or damage must be properly indicated in a delivery note, and immediately communicated to us. Only in this way, we will be able to make reimbursement arrangements.

If a destination country requires taxation of ordered goods, the amount of this last, as well as all other duties, will be at the expense of the purchaser.

Your orders will only be processed when all previous orders are paid. Until full payment, the goods will remain the property of Karner Wein Plus Srl.

7) Shipping to Switzerland:

For delivery to Switzerland you don't pay the italian VAT (currently 22%). Please insert your Swiss billing and delivery adress. Invoicing is free of VAT art. 8 DPR 633/7. The shipping costs include export customs clearance.

Important! Please sent us a copy of your identify card or passport to

Shipping costs including export customs clearance :

Qty Price
1 - 6 bottles 0,75 l 40,00 €
7 - 12 bottles 0,75 l 45,00 €
13 - 24 bottles 0,75 l 70,00 €
25 - 60 bottles 0,75 l 130,00 €
61 - 90 bottles 0,75 l 150,00 €
over Price on request

Attention! In addition to the shipping costs listed in the table, there are customs duties (import customs clearance) and Swiss VAT of 7.7%, which you have to pay to the shipping company.

Packaging in unbreakable boxes EPS - 100% recyclable.

More than 25 bottles packaging in cartons on one way pallett.

8) Shipping costs

The shipping costs are calculated on basis of a destination country or region. They are always indicated in your order form and added to the total price.

Shipping costs Germany and Austria:

Qty Price
1 - 6 bottles 0,75 l 15,00 €
7 - 12 bottles 0,75 l 18,00 €
13 - 24 bottles 0,75 l 27,00 €
25 - 999 bottles 0,75 l 35,00 €
over Price on request

Shipping costs Benelux:

Qty Price
1 - 6 bottles 0,75 l 25,00 €
7 - 12 bottles 0,75 l 30,00 €
13 - 24 bottles 0,75 l 45,00 €
25 - 999 bottles 0,75 l 55,00 €
over Price on request

Shipping costs France:

Qty Price
1 - 6 bottles 0,75 l 25,00 €
7 - 12 bottles 0,75 l 30,00 €
13 - 24 bottles 0,75 l 45,00 €
25 - 999 bottles 0,75 l 60,00 €
over Price on request

Packaging in unbreakable boxes EPS - 100% recyclable.

More than 25 bottles packaging in cartons on on way pallett.

We don't ship bottles with a volume more than 2 l. This size of bottles and bottles with more content you can collect directly on our store Wein Plus in Prato allo Stelvio, Via Pineta 74.

Shippings costs Italy:

Qty Price
1 - 6 bottles 0,75 l 12,00 €
7 - 12 bottles 0,75 l 15,00 €
13 - 24 bottles 0,75 l 18,00 €
25 - 999 bottles 0,75 l 25,00 €
over Price on request

Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia, Venice lagoon:

Qty Price
1 - 6 bottles 0,75 l 16,00 €
7 - 12 bottles 0,75 l 19,00 €
13 - 24 bottles 0,75 l 24,00 €
25 - 999 bottles 0,75 l 30,00 €
over Price on request

Packaging in unbreakable boxes, VAT included

Shipping throughout South Tyrol is free of charge by more than 6 bottles.

9) Methods of payment

Karner Wein Plus Srl company accepts payments made by the following methods:

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Prepayment
    After the receipt of the order confirmation, by making a bank transfer to a current account as follows:
    Cassa Raiffeisen Prato Tubre – Italia
    IBAN: IT02E0818358720000300001236
    We will process your order, immediately after receipt of a transfer!

10) Right of withdrawal and return

You can withdraw from contract without any penalty or need of specifying the reasons, within 14 working days from the product delivery. However, we would be very grateful, if you decided to indicate the reason of return - in fact, it would help us evaluate our service and, therefore, improve it.
The effective period of time for execution of the right of withdrawal starts with the receipt of goods and comprehensive information in text form about the right of withdrawal. To uphold your right of withdrawal, a timely communication and / or return of the goods would be sufficient. The communication may be given via email, fax or mail to the following address:
Karner Wein Plus Srl company
Via Pineta 74
39026 Prato allo Stelvio (BZ)
Alto Adige/Italia

After your submition of the right of withdrawal, the obligation of the product return comes into force. You may use the attached model withdrawal form:


Important: the client is required to cover the shipping expenses in case of the product return, regardless of its compliance with the order.

11) Privacy

INFORMATION PROVIDED IN ACCORDANCE WITH UE LEGISLATIVE DECREE No. 679/2016 ART.13 (GDPR UE) (see the dedicated area of the website)

12) Customer service

Do you have any questions about some products in particular? Do you need assistance in designing a package? Feel free to contact us! We will be happy to give you aid and advice! Tel.+39 0473 616012

13) Protection of minors

Sale of alcoholic beverages to people under 18 years of age is strictly forbidden by the law. For this reason, we are obliged to require age indication during the registration process. By confirming an order of alcoholic beverages, the customer acknowledges to have reached the legal drinking age in their country. We shall not supply alcohol to anyone under the age of 18. In the event of indication of an untrue age by the customer, the purchase contract will be deemed null and void. Karner Wein Plus Srl reserves the right to require compensation for detriment and, in case of need, to proceed with legal action.

14) Published content

Some pages of our website provide links to other web pages. However, we would like to highlight explicitly our total non-involvement in whatever related to creation of the content of the linked web pages, absolving ourselves of responsibility for any references of these latter.
Furthermore, we would like to clarify the fact that all the pieces of information and documents, published on our web pages, do not represent the complete information, but they are to be consulted for informational purposes only.

15) Summary

By sending a purchase order, the customer declares their consent to the storage, processing and use of personal data, for purposes stipulated by the contract. In the event that these Terms and Conditions or the contract signed by you include one or more clauses that do not correspond to what is described above, it shall not affect the validity of the contract. The remaining parts must be interpreted in accordance with Italian laws. The place of jurisdiction - Bolzano.

16) Distance Selling Regulations

In accordance with provisions of the law, we are to give you the following information:

  • The distance contract is stipulated with enterprise Karner Wein Plus Srl company, the legal representative of which is Mr. Walter Karner.
  • The corporate headquarters of Karner Wein Plus Srl company is situated in Prato allo Stelvio, via Pineta 74, South Tyrol - Italy.
  • The place of jurisdiction is Bolzano. The contract is governed by the Italian law.
  • Our website contains information related to our products, but you can contact us directly for any clarification. The actual contract gets formalized when you send us your order - via online Shopping Cart, email or fax - containing various products chosen by you. After confirmation of the order receipt on our behalf, the contract may be deemed concluded.
  • We reserve the right to arrange personally the delivery of the goods and, in case of non-delivery due to an event of force majeure, the both parties have the right to withdraw from the contract. We are authorized to make partial deliveries.
  • All the indicated prices are stated in Euro and inclusive of the Value Added Tax.
You can find further information about deliveries and methods of payment in our website - in the page dedicated to the general Terms and Conditions.

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